About SuperRare

SuperRare is a well-funded and fast-moving startup on a mission to reinvent the art market for the digital generation. Our platform is a social marketplace for cutting edge digital / 3D / VR creators and a new generation of natively-digital art collectors.

We've built a vibrant online economy for digital art powered by the Ethereum blockchain, with over $50M earned by artists and collectors over the past two years.

We are now growing our team and looking for passionate, creative people to join us on our journey!

Engineering at SuperRare

The core of SuperRare is a cutting edge technology stack bringing together the Ethereum blockchain with immersive 3D and VR visual art. Started by technical founders, a strong engineering culture is at the heart of our company. We love collaboration, cross-functional thinking, and functional programming, especially Haskell and PureScript.

What you'll do

  • Contribute to SuperRareโ€™s core products, libraries and services
  • Design new and optimize existing systems and participate in engineering retrospectives
  • Maintain existing devops and backend infrastructure
  • Help to add CI/CD to our infrastructure
  • Design and implement static type schemas between services to ensure type safe communication (GraphQL + Swagger/OpenAPI)
  • Maintain, design, and improve HTTP APIs and data pipelines (Haskell Services + Haskell APIs + Express-js API + Generated GraphQL APIs)
  • Implement and improve SQL queries (Views + UDFs, these are wrapped by GraphQL API)
  • PostgreSQL table design
  • Participate in R&D for various blockchain scaling solutions
  • Design and implement Solidity contracts
  • Service architecture design
  • Cheerfully discuss and argue about functional programming and static type systems.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Strong knowledge of functional programming principles
  • Understanding of domain driven design principles
  • Exposure to Haskell or other strongly typed functional programming languages
  • Experience optimizing PostgreSQL or other SQL queries (as well as performant table design), Docker, Docker-Compose, Nomad or other devops/container tooling
  • Willingness to learn Solidity
  • Solid knowledge of unit testing
  • Strong foundation with Unix/Linux based systems
  • Experience with HTTP API design and best practices
  • Basic knowledge of ReactJS AngularJS, or similar UI frameworks, JavaScript (and/or TypeScript), HTML, and CSS
  • Nice to have - experience with GraphQL and Postgraphile or Hasura.

If this describes you, we'd love to hear from you!